More beautiful life: Sophie and Noé see Lola in a new light!


In the next episode of Plus belle, Noé and Sophie start to see Lola differently. Don’t panic, we’ll tell you everything!

Sophie and Noah start to see Lola in a new light in Plus belle la vie.

Plus belle la vie is the flagship series of France 3. Yes, for 16 years, the series has fascinated young and old. Very cool !

In fact, every evening, many viewers follow the adventures of the inhabitants of the Mistral. Awesome !

But a lot of the reason the show is so successful is its truly touching characters!

Yes, the characters of Plus belle la vie are all super endearing. We, in any case, love Jean-Paul, Mouss, Noé but also Lola.

In fact, the latter is changing in Plus belle la vie. So much so that even Noah and Sophie start to take a new look at her! Crazy!

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more straight away!


In Plus belle la vie, Sophie and Noé see Lola in a whole new light.

And for good reason, the young woman has evolved a lot. Incredible, right?

Much more mature, Lola even decided not to report Noah to her family, despite the trap he set for her, which still drove her to the hospital. Grateful, Noah now looks at the teenager with new eyes.

But he’s not the only one!

Indeed, Sophie, too, has noticed a change on the side of her daughter. Crazy!

And for good reason: Lola refused the ecological laptop she wanted to give him, in order to respect the radical nature of her approach. Incredible, right?

So, will Lola’s behavior stay that way? Or will she quickly forget her green convictions?

To find out, you will have to watch the next episodes of Plus belle la vie!

Frankly, we can’t wait to learn more!


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