More beautiful life: Noé falls very much in love with Lola!


Noah did everything not to fall in love with Lola in Plus belle la vie. Still, he might soon be pinching it for her.

Noah hated Lola for a long time in Plus belle la vie and criticized her a lot. However, the young man could soon fall under her spell. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Noé doesn’t know where to turn with Lola. A few weeks ago, the young man had to face the death of Manon. The young woman was killed in a protest that went awry. So Noah had a hard time getting over it.

For her part, Lola has always had a thing for the teenager in Plus belle la vie. So, she tried to get closer to him several times. Nonetheless, Noah only kept him away from him and didn’t like him at all.

Thus, the young man waged a war against Lola and even endangered her. Lola fights for the defense of animals and that seems to make Blanche’s son laugh a lot. The latter will soon tell him to go on the pitch and things could turn out badly.

In this Monday, December 21 episode of Plus belle la vie, Noé criticizes Lola for never wetting her shirt. For him, his actions are not working and he will encourage him to go on the field. Lola will therefore decide to attack a breeder.


Lola will take up Noah’s challenge and agree to go to a farm that makes foie gras. Its purpose will be to harm the farmer and to point the finger at force-feeding and animal abuse. Nevertheless, the young girl will be trapped.

In Plus belle la vie, Noah will call the farmer to warn him of the arrival of dangerous activists. So things will turn out badly for Lola and the young girl will end up in the hospital. A little while later, Blanche’s son will apologize, but the teenager will want to distance himself from him.

Lola will no longer want to seek revenge on Noah, but will promise to think of him if she needs a helping hand for his militant actions. For his part, the young man will see the young girl on Christmas Eve.

He’ll take a long look at her as she leaves the hospital and enjoys the first snow. Everything suggests that Noé will start to fall in love with Kilian’s sister in Plus belle la vie.


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