More beautiful life: Mouss confuses a friend of Claire!


Plus belle la vie is the flagship series of France 3. Yes, for almost 16 years, the series has fascinated young and old. Thus, every evening, millions of French people gather, in front of their screens, to follow the adventures of our favorite characters. Crazy, right?

But a lot of the reason the show works so well is its characters!

Yes, the inhabitants of the Mistral are all more endearing than the others. We, in any case, are fans of Sophie, Mila, Roland but also Mouss!

Besides, seems to have decided not to let himself be walked on anymore. Yes, in tonight’s episode of Plus belle la vie, the young man is going to bully a friend of Claire’s. Crazy, right?

We tell you more!


Mouss seems to have decided not to let it go. Yes, the young man takes his courage in both hands and raises the tone in the next episode of Plus belle la vie.

Indeed, while Claire is chatting with one of her friends, a rather noisy group of young people disturbs them.

Unfriendly, Claire’s friend asks them to “put her on the back burner”.

A sentence that will quickly increase the tensions between the two groups.

Yep, Claire’s angry friend even threatens to call the police. Just that !

But Mouss, who is therefore among this group of young people, does not intend to let her do it without replying. Thus, the latter tries to intimidate him with threats. Serious?

Finally, Claire and her friend decide to leave before things get out of hand.

Anyway, we can’t wait to see that scene again in tonight’s episode!


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