More beautiful life: Mouss arrested by the police


In the next episode of Plus Belle La Vie, Mouss’s life will turn into a nightmare. Arrested for murder, he goes to prison.

Attention spoilers! In Plus Belle La Vie, Mouss finds himself accused of murder. Overwhelmed by the evidence, he will eventually be sent to prison.

Mouss could never have imagined going through such an ordeal. In the last episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, the young man sees his life change.

First, the police charge and arrest her for the murder of Claire’s best friend. Her body was found bruised by a bullet in the city in which she lived.

Problem, Mouss had passed her a few hours before she lost her life. Plus, the supervisor at Scotto High School, emblematic of Plus Belle La Vie, stood out.

Indeed, Luna Torres’ great friend had come to greet his friends. But they were smoking a joint under that lady’s window.

So Claire’s best friend let them know her anger. However, Mouss (Boubacar Kabo) did not appreciate her lashing out at her friends, and got involved.

Would he have been better off abstaining? Because of this motive, Commissioner Mazelle, freshly arrived in Plus Belle La Vie, takes the opportunity to bring it down.


Indeed, the one Mirta Torres finds very charming would not be as benevolent as you might think.

And for good reason, Commissioner Mazelle mounted from scratch the arrest of Mouss. In reality, the disabled athlete is indeed innocent.

So it was the police officer who placed evidence, such as the murder weapon, in the young man’s room.

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But that’s not all ! He also paid a youth from the city to come and testify. According to him, Mouss would sell drugs to the whole neighborhood.

So for prosecutor Ravel, that is too much evidence against him. Even though he doesn’t believe in her involvement, he sends her to jail. Case to follow in Plus Belle La Vie …


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