More beautiful life: Lucie writes a moving note to Samia!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul will come across a very poignant letter that Lucie wrote to her mother Samia in the past!

At the moment in “Plus belle la vie”, Boher is at its worst! And for good reason, his daughter Lucie was kidnapped by Jacob. While tidying up his room, Jean-Paul will come across a letter that the girl wrote to her mother before her kidnapping.

Nothing is going well in “Plus belle la vie”! Indeed, some characters have seen better days.

Like Emma and Baptiste. A few weeks ago, Mathis’ mother found her sister Camille who was kidnapped in the past by a man named Jacob.

Sequestered for more than 10 years by her executioner, the young woman managed to escape after the latter decided to grant her a little more freedom.

Wanting to make up for lost time, Emma therefore naturally offered to host her. But the cohabitation did not go as planned.

Indeed, Camille retains heavy consequences of his sequestration. His reactions are often disproportionate.

In addition, she is also a victim of Stockholm syndrome. Emma’s sister repeatedly lied to Patrick and his teams to protect Jacob.

Lately in “Plus belle la vie”, Mathis’s aunt did not hesitate to derail her arrest. In the meantime, her executioner has also kidnapped little Lucie, hoping to exchange her with her ex-captive.

But for the moment, the investigators are being cautious and do not want to take any risks. To Jean-Paul’s chagrin!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul, who has difficulty seeing Lucie’s absence, will come across a letter his daughter wrote to her mother Samia. And it is poignant!

As a reminder, Estelle’s sidekick has decided to leave Marseille to fly to Algiers. In addition to her sentimental life which was quite eventful, the former deputy mayor was also pressured within the town hall to leave the Mistral.

To this day, Samia is still nowhere to be found. And Jean-Paul is doing his utmost to lift the veil on his disappearance.

But his absence was difficult for his daughter. In the turmoil, Boher can obviously count on Lea’s unfailing support.

“I found this little note in Lucie’s room,” the ex-colleague of Léo Castelli will tell him. “It’s for his mom. She asks him to come back and misses her (…) “.

But also: “I have a lot to tell you mom. Yesterday I made only two dictation mistakes. Just two. You would be too happy if you had been there ”.

Touched by the letter, Lea then asks him to hold on and that he must keep hope despite everything! Overwhelmed by events, Jean-Paul is plagued by doubts.

Will he succeed in finding his daughter? But also Samia?

The suspense is unbearable. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.