More beautiful life: Lucie surprises Jean-Paul in Léa’s arms!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Lucie will surprise Léa and her father both asleep in each other’s arms in her living room!

In “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul and Léa know that they can count on each other. But their more than ambiguous relationship seems to baffle Lucie! One morning, the girl goes to find out that they spent the night together.

The intrigues continue to follow in “Plus belle la vie”. Lately, Jean-Paul has had to deal with many twists and turns in his private sphere.

A few weeks ago, his marriage to Irina turned into a fiasco. If Boher had the perfect love with the beautiful Ukrainian, Lucie’s daddy realized over time that he was head over heels in love with Lea.

On the day of his union, he also pronounced his best friend’s first name under the shocked gaze of his fiancée. Wounded, Pavel then vowed to avenge his daughter’s honor. To do so, Luna’s ex fatally wounded Emilie’s sister.

Fortunately Babeth’s daughter quickly got out of it. In parallel to all this, Samia also abruptly left the Mistral to the chagrin of Jean-Paul!

At the last news, she would have decided to relax far from Marseille in Algiers. As a reminder, the young woman called off her marriage to Hadrien at the last minute after realizing her feelings for her daughter’s father.

But because of this umpteenth scandal, Lougane no longer wanted to have him on his municipal team. In the turmoil, Jean-Paul can obviously count on Lea’s unfailing support.

And the duo seem closer than ever. In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”, they’ll fall asleep in each other’s arms!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Lucie will surprise her father in the company of Léa, both lying on her sofa! Taken aback, the girl even seems to wonder about their intriguing relationship.

Awakened by his daughter, Jean-Paul will hasten to take her to school because obviously his alarm clock has not ringed. In the process, Lucie will again question him about her mother’s disappearance… Without much success!

For now, Jean-Paul prefers to be cautious about what he knows. And we can understand it.

In fact, Boher decided to join the city police because he is convinced that people in the town hall caused Samia to leave.

If Léa wants to make things happen in Marseille, she has also decided to lend her a hand by accepting the post of deputy mayor. And the two friends will not be at the end of their surprises.

Barrault and his henchmen need to behave as they may soon be unmasked. So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”!