More beautiful life: Lucie kidnapped by Camille’s kidnapper


Big twist in Plus belle la vie! Camille’s kidnapper does not stop there … And also attacks Lucie! Danger !

Jacob therefore creates danger everywhere in Plus belle la vie! As Emma and Baptiste tear each other apart over Camille’s fate, Camille continues to speak with the one who abducted her … But he risks attacking Lucie!

Because Jacob has a lot to hide. He does everything to escape the police. But a macabre discovery risks revealing the reasons for his actions: his daughter has been dead for several years!

This explains why Camille was never able to find her sister in Plus belle la vie. Jacob would have removed her to replace his own daughter. So he treated her well, to keep her by his side …

And this good care, with the love he gives her, therefore explains the compassion and even the love that Camille has for her captor! But Emma and Baptiste take too long to understand this problem …

Plus belle la vie puts its finger on a subject little discussed: Stockholm syndrome. How can Camille stay in touch with a man who has hurt her so much?


While the police are asking these questions, Jacob continues to work on his side. After Samia’s disappearance, Boher may have to do with another tragedy: his daughter is going to be kidnapped!

Jacob will indeed take a moment in the park to act. Jean-Paul is having a good time with Léa and Lucie… They finally seem happy in Plus belle la vie. But the predator has a plan: he throws a ball to play with the little girl.

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The plan works perfectly: he manages to kidnap Lucie. Even though she was under the supervision of her parents! Jacob therefore intends to keep the little girl with him …

But he makes two mistakes. On the one hand, he risks making Camille jealous … And on the other, Boher will never let go until he finds his daughter! The battle is likely to rage in Plus belle la vie.


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