More beautiful life: Lea gets a little closer to Boher!


Léa and Boher are gradually getting closer in Plus belle la vie. So much so that the young woman stays at his place to sleep

For some time now, Boher has not been doing well in Plus belle la vie. Between his ruined marriage and his ex who flees to Algeria, the policeman is lost. In addition, Léa fits into the equation. We remind you: he used his first name when he married Irina.

But for now, her priority was to take care of her daughter Lucie. Of course, Boher could count on Ariane to help him. But the dad found himself a little overwhelmed by all the recent events. Especially since he thought Samia had been kidnapped.

In the end, the reality is harder than that. She left the country without leaving a word behind her. Enough to upset everyone, especially his daughter. But this time, in an indiscretion, we see Léa sharing a beer with Jean-Paul. Astonishing?

Will a new story be born in Plus belle la vie? Léa is at home, on his sofa, they then drink a beer together. During a conversation Léa says: “Do you mind that I stay here? Because my sister requisitioned the apartment for a party. ”


If at first we see in the policeman’s eyes that he was not expecting this request, he accepts. “No no you stay there as long as you want you know. »Lea then returns to the subject Samia. It must be said that Jean-Paul still thinks that his ex was kidnapped.

He will soon learn the truth in Plus belle la vie. Samia is far from dead or in a cellar with strangers. She just decided to take off for a new life. So leaving behind her ex but especially her daughter.

In the end, Boher and Léa then order a pizza. Will the two friends end up together? We will have to continue watching the episodes of Plus belle la vie to find out.


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