More beautiful life: Kevin totally disgusted by his mother!


Laetitia has recently been seeing Valentin in Plus belle la vie. Kevin gets angry with his mother and is disgusted with his darling.

Laetitia recently went out with Valentin in Plus belle la vie. Kevin does not validate this new relationship and does not love his new boyfriend at all. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Over a year ago, Laetitia lost her husband, Jérôme, in a gymnasium collapse. Kevin’s father was killed by Arnaud when everyone thought he was dead. The cleaning lady took a long time to recover in Plus belle la vie.

Nevertheless, shortly after, she had met Sébastien. He had been living with her for several weeks and had gotten very close to her. Besides, Kevin did not take a positive view of their relationship, because he thought it was too early for Laetitia to get back together.

Several months later, Laetitia and Sébastien had chosen to give themselves a chance in Plus belle la vie. However, nothing went as planned as Sébatien’s wife came out of a coma. So he wanted to protect her and did not tell her about the divorce.

Laetitia has had enough of Sébastien’s many secrets. She therefore chose to end her affair with him. She has met Valentin and seems completely under his spell … but Kevin is not!


Valentin does everything to get closer to Laetitia in Plus belle la vie and he uses all his charms to get there. Since then, the cleaning lady feels like she is living a fairy tale and has a hard time hiding her story from her children.

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So, in episode 4153 broadcast this Wednesday, November 18, Laetitia gets angry with Kevin because the young policeman leaves his things lying around in the apartment. For his part, the young man will be more busy gathering information on Valentin and will not hesitate to give his point of view.

“This guy, he’s exploiting people,” he says in a video. This will piss off his mother a little, who will not understand why he is saying this. Kevin will only have one thing to say: “He’s a millionaire.” Thus, the policeman does not validate his mother’s new relationship at all …

For his part, Valentin will want to spend time with Laetitia tonight in Plus belle la vie. So he will come and see her at work and ask her to take a break for him. She will accept and Valentin will call on his own housekeepers to do the work for Laetitia. Not sure, whether she takes it well!


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