More beautiful life: Kevin hates the new darling of Laetitia!


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, Kevin will express his dissatisfaction with his mother, Laetitia, because of his couple.

Between Laetitia Belesta and Valentin Carrier, it is absolute happiness. But Kevin doesn’t approve of their relationship at all and lets them know in Plus Belle La Vie.

Doesn’t she have the right to happiness? Since the death of her husband, Laetitia suffers from loneliness. Indeed, the young woman struggles for her children.

However, the cleaning lady at the Hôtel du Mistral – an emblematic district in Plus Belle La Vie – is forgotten.

If the mother of the family had once again found a smile in Sébastien’s arms, he abandoned her for his wife. And for good reason, the latter woke up from a coma.

So Sébastien wanted to accompany him as best he could as he woke up. Even if it means putting a cross on his new relationship with Laetitia.

So nothing could hurt the mother of Kevin, played by actor Théo Bertrand. It must be said that she believed in her new story, which had taken a long time to start.

But that was without counting the arrival of Valentin Carrier, a billionaire, in Plus Belle La Vie. The businessman fell completely under his spell.

So, the latter did everything to seduce and conquer the heart of his beautiful. And you have to believe that the efforts always pay off, since she finally fell into his arms.


So, Laetitia Belesta and Valentin Carrier take full advantage of their new relationship in Plus Belle La Vie. Besides, the two lovebirds don’t even hide anymore.

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But we have to believe that this does not delight everyone. Indeed, the latter’s son does not approve of her relationship at all and lets her know.

First, Kevin asks him, “So this is it, are you officially together?” However, Laetitia kicks in touch. ” Maybe, maybe not. What the heck? ”

Thus, he explains to her that he does not appreciate the new man in her life. “He exploits people (…). He is a millionaire. Ouch! Case to follow in Plus Belle La Vie …


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