More beautiful life: Jean-Paul puts himself in great danger!


Jean-Paul had to deal with the disappearance of Samia in Plus belle la vie. He will soon resume the investigation and put himself in danger.

It’s been several weeks since Samia left the Mistral in Plus belle la vie. Jean-Paul will resume the investigation and could put himself in great danger. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Jean-Paul ready to do anything to find Samia in Plus belle la vie? A few weeks ago, Boher was to marry Irina. The couple had planned everything, but Jean-Paul began to have serious doubts and panicked. In fact, before he even said “yes” to him, he realized he was in love with … Lea!

For her part, Samia was also to marry Adrien and thought she loved him. Nonetheless, she realized that she still had feelings for her ex. She tried to discuss it with Boher, but he was indifferent. Samia was heartbroken and left in a hurry. No one has heard from her since.

Boher thus finds himself alone to educate Lucie and he encounters some problems. Indeed, a few days ago, Jacob attacked the little girl in Plus belle la vie. Camille’s kidnapper observed Lucie as she left school and ended up kidnapping her in a park in front of the policeman.

Jean-Paul will therefore put all his investigations aside in order to find his daughter as quickly as possible. He will be able to count on the help of his colleagues and everything suggests that Lucie will come back safe and sound. Subsequently, Boher will be able to reopen his investigation into Samia’s disappearance.

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Jean-Paul is having a hard time coping with Samia’s disappearance in Plus belle la vie. He doesn’t understand how she could have left, leaving Lucie behind. Thus, he will investigate and could put himself in great danger. Indeed, in a few weeks, the policeman will be close to death.

According to Stars Actu, Jean-Paul will go to a warehouse to find Samia. Lucie’s father will find himself in the middle of a shootout and could well be injured. However, he will especially have to face Patrick Nebout. And for good reason, Boher will interfere with his colleague’s investigation.

In order to protect his daughter’s mother, Boher went so far as to steal surveillance footage. And for good reason, the police will discover that the warehouse contains dangerous products. Lougane will have to explain herself and tell the press that Samia had signed all the authorizations …

These accusations could well spoil the image of Samia in Plus belle la vie. Especially since Lucie will hear about it and the little girl will be mad with anger. So what was Samia hiding? Jean-Paul and Léa intend to find out and will investigate together.


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