More beautiful life: Jacob really dead in the next episodes?

The nightmare ends for Camille in Plus belle la vie. Everything suggests that Jacob died in the soap opera of France 3.

Jacob kidnapped Lucie a few days ago in Plus belle la vie. Camille was very brave and saved the little girl. Her captor is dead. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

The nightmare ends for Camille. For several weeks now, Plus belle la vie fans have been following a big plot around Emma. The young woman found her sister, Camille not long ago and was upset. And for good reason, Camille disappeared for several years and was kidnapped by Jacob.

Camille, however, seems to have been treated well as Jacob looked after her like his own daughter. In fact, the police found the bones of Jacob’s child and the kidnapper wanted to make up for his absence. That’s why he attached Camille to his family. Still, she managed to escape.

Camille is happy to have reunited with Emma in Plus belle la vie, but still seemed in the grip of Jacob. However, the mobster didn’t hesitate to kidnap another little girl: Lucie. He made a shameful blackmail with the police in order to recover Camille. The young woman therefore agreed to find him so that he could leave Lucie alive.

However, she quickly realized that Jacob had no intention of releasing Lucie. So she trapped her captor and asked Boher’s daughter to escape as quickly as possible. It all ended up taking a dramatic turn in the France 3 soap opera.

More beautiful life: Jacob really dead in the next episodes?

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In order to have a chance to escape, Camille tied Jacob to the building in Plus belle la vie. Still, there was a huge explosion as Emma tried to find her sister. In the rest of the soap opera, the two sisters will find themselves in the rubble but will be safe and sound.

Later, Camille will confirm to Patrick Nebout that Jacob died in the explosion. The young woman will however be sad and will find extenuating circumstances for her kidnapper. Emma will find it hard to understand her, but will accept her grief. She will therefore let her choose where she wants to turn.

As Allociné echoes, Camille will meet Alice on the Place du Mistral in Plus belle la vie. She will tell him that she does not want to go back to Nice with her and that she prefers to stay with Emma. Still, Camille might not be welcome since Baptiste will prefer that she go to the hotel for a while.

Finally, the police will be very happy when the investigation around Jacob is over. So they will celebrate and Patrick will confirm Jacob’s death. Subsequently, he will propose to Jean-Paul Boher to return to the brigade. However, the policeman will decline his offer and will want to focus on Samia’s disappearance.



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