More beautiful life: Jacob is preparing to abduct new child?


Emma does everything to protect her sister from Jacob in Plus belle la vie. The mobster will find himself a new victim tonight.

For several weeks now, Plus belle la vie fans have been following Camille’s story closely. Her captor Jacob will find himself a brand new victim in tonight’s episode. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Jacob, ready to kidnap a child in Plus belle la vie? A few weeks ago, Emma’s past resurfaced. Indeed, the young woman crossed paths with Camille, who is none other than her sister. It had been years since she had seen him and was very upset.

Emma discovered that Camille had been kidnapped by Jacob for several years. The man has taken good care of Camille and the young girl seems to be in his grip. Indeed, she has tried several times to contact him and is having a hard time getting rid of him. Nevertheless, she can count on help from Emma, ​​but also from her mother Alice.

Fans of Plus belle la vie were able to learn more about Jacob. The man lost his baby girl several years ago. The police have found the child’s bones and the mobster seems to have wanted to replace her. So that explains why he picked on Camille and raised her like his own daughter.

If Camille seems safe and has found her family, Jacob is still on the loose. He fully intends to make up for the absence of his child and replace her once again. He will therefore find his new victim in this episode of Thursday, February 11.


Jacob is still not behind bars in Plus belle la vie and has not had his last say. In fact, in tonight’s episode, the criminal will go to the exit of a school to take pictures of several children. He will notably focus on a little girl who is none other than Lucie!

Jacob is going to take some pictures of Lucie, while the little girl will find her dad. She’ll be happy to see that Boher picked her up from school. Jacob, meanwhile, will have the impression of having his dead daughter in front of him. He will therefore choose to kidnap Lucie and will observe her in the distance.

Thus, Lucie is in great danger in the sequel to Plus belle la vie. Everything already suggests that Jacob will succeed. After observing Lucie and Boher’s habits, he will take action. Indeed, he will take advantage of a moment when Boher will be at the park with his daughter and Lea to kidnap her.

While Boher will be in the middle of a discussion, Lucie will disappear before his eyes. It may well be that Jacob is behind this rapture. Lucie will be more than ever in danger and the police will not have much time to find her… The tension is therefore rising in the France 3 soap opera.


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