More Beautiful Life: Grant Lawrens Upset To Leave The Series!


More Beautiful Life: Caesar, in “Plus belle la vie”, is going to die. Its interpreter, Grant Lawrens, does not hide his sadness to bid farewell to his character.

As you can imagine, Caesar is going to die, in “Plus belle la vie”. However, his death was the only possible alternative to end the story of the kidnapping. This does not take away from the pain felt by his interpreter, Grant Lawrens.


Caesar blackmailed Jacob in “Plus belle la vie”. He had even ordered her to remove Baptise, Emma’s darling. Why ? Simply for the one and only reason that he had a crush on her and wanted to build a beautiful love story with her. If he complied, he ended up rebelling against Caesar.

Yes, the latter got caught at his own game. When the only solution, then, was to report Jacob to the police, Jacob kidnapped him.

But once you fall into Jacob’s clutches, it seems difficult to get out of it. Its many victims can testify to this. Soon, in “Plus belle la vie”, viewers will witness the death of Caesar.

Despite its rather special character, they will inevitably have a small twinge in the heart. And these are not the only ones. Caesar’s interpreter Grant Lawrens also felt immense grief when he learned he would never play that character again.

At least that’s what he explained in an interview with our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. MCE TV tells you more about this interview, which tells us a lot about the actor.


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