More beautiful life: Emma and Baptiste soon to break up?


In the next episodes of the Marseille soap opera Plus Belle La Vie, Baptiste and Emma could go their separate ways.

Attention spoilers! In Plus Belle La Vie, the couple formed by Emma and Baptiste could experience a breakup in the next episodes.

In the Marseille soap opera Plus Belle La Vie, Emma and Baptiste have a bad start to the year. The two lovebirds, still madly in love a few episodes ago, could make a radical decision.

Indeed, the parents of little Mathis are going through a terrible crisis. Since the return of the pretty brunette, who went on a mission to Australia for the company GTS, nothing is going well between them.

These two emblematic characters of the Mistral, played by Bryan Trésor and Pauline Bression, have already experienced difficult times.

However, this relationship crisis turns out to be more disturbing than all the others in Plus Belle La Vie. So Baptiste wonders.

So the father of the family, with a daddy-hen character, no longer knows which way to dance with his wife. Should he end their relationship? Ask for a divorce ?

One thing is certain, is that lovers will not come out of this story unscathed. Especially since the young woman’s little sister, Camille, does not settle things between them.


Indeed, viewers of Plus Belle La Vie have only just learned of Camille’s existence. She is the little sister of Emma, ​​who had never mentioned it before.

A few years ago, she was kidnapped. Emma thought she would never see her again, until she knocked on her door.

Problem, Camille is still in contact with her captor, Jacob. So, she will bring a lot of problems with her to the Mistral, and to her big sister.

Besides, his arrival will add another layer to his relationship with Baptiste. The handsome guy from Plus Belle La Vie fled and took Mathis with him to protect him.


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