More beautiful life: Camille’s torture chamber finally found!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Eric and his entire team will comb through the house in which Camille was kidnapped!

New twists are coming in “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, Patrick and Eric are working hard to find the kidnapper of young Camille. But to date, their investigation is slipping.

Fans of “Plus belle la vie” continue to follow with enthusiasm all the intrigues of famous fiction. And one of the main ones is focused on Emma’s life.

A few days ago, the beautiful daughter of Thomas Marci had the good fortune to find her sister Camille. As a reminder, the young woman was kidnapped and kidnapped when she was a child.

If the latter managed to escape, her captor is still running. And unfortunately he found his trace!

But it’s not knowing Patrick and his entire team that they are doing their best to put him behind bars. Unfortunately, the investigation is not progressing as they would like.

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Camille has managed to regroup her memories to deliver the place where she was imprisoned. Unsurprisingly, Eric and Kevin discovered the house completely empty!

And that’s not all. The man who kidnapped Emma’s sister is Jacob. He had no qualms about having the letter “J” engraved on one of his captive’s arms.

Throughout their research, Patrick and his men will also find that he was using a false identity to rent the house in which Camille has been detained all these years.


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Viewers of “Plus belle la vie” will learn more about the place where Camille was kidnapped! On the walls, multiple dismal paintings were discovered by investigators.

Cautiously, the young woman’s kidnapper also cleaned the house with ammonia to erase all traces of DNA. In addition, the first-named Jacob was very discreet in his residence.

His neighbors know little about him! And they would never even have seen Mathis’s aunt. Determined, Patrick and his team will nevertheless continue their research.

After many twists and turns in “Plus belle la vie”, their efforts could well end up paying off. Wanting to make up for lost time with her sister, Emma offered to host her.

But over time, Baptiste’s companion will realize that the latter has suffered countless abuses along with her captor. And she has many consequences. So it will take time for him to move forward.


While Emma is doing her best to help Camille, Baptiste can’t help but wonder. Kévin’s best friend quickly understood the complexity of the situation.

In the upcoming episodes of “Plus belle la vie”, Mathis’s aunt will struggle to adjust to her new daily life. Moreover, her captor seems to have marked her forever.

So much so that she could follow him without flinching if he ever reappeared in her life. Case to be continued we tell you!


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