More beautiful life: Camille very soon killed by Jacob?


Coming soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Camille will do everything to find Jacob even if it means putting himself in danger once again!

Fans of “Plus belle la vie” will still have a cold sweat! Indeed, Camille is going to escape from Emma’s house to find Jacob. But nothing is going to go as planned.

At the moment, “Plus belle la vie” is making the heyday of “France 3”. Obviously, the last intrigues of the fiction made their small effect with the televiewers.

One of them focuses on Camille. Abducted and sequestered for more than ten years by Jacob, Mathis’ aunt managed to narrowly escape her executioner.

Since then, she has lived with her sister Emma. But living together is not the easiest!

Because of her confinement, Camille often reacts inappropriately. In addition, she also suffers from Stockholm syndrome.

To make matters worse, his torturer (who has not yet been arrested) quickly reconnected with his young captive. Emma’s sister has lied to the authorities several times to protect her captor.

Concerned for Mathis’s safety, Baptiste therefore preferred to leave their home with his son until the situation improved. Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Alice also made her comeback at the Mistral.

Indeed, Patrick imposed the fact that she moved in with his two daughters Emma and Camille. By doing this, Patrick is convinced that Baptiste’s sister-in-law will change her relationship with Jacob and break the unwavering bond that unites them.


Unfortunately, Babeth’s husband doesn’t know Alice’s true face. Indeed, this woman is known to be impulsive and manipulative.

She will also sow discord between the two sisters. But soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Mathis’ grandmother will be totally overwhelmed by events.

Obviously, Alice has more and more difficulty managing her daughter Camille on her own. Wanting to calm her down with medication, she rushed to one of the pharmacies in Mistral to get some.

Taking advantage of his absence, Emma’s sister will then leave the family apartment. She is determined to find Jacob who recently kidnapped Jean-Paul Boher’s daughter Lucie.

On the way, Camilla will succeed in sowing Emma who will do everything to find her. And Thomas’s daughter-in-law will achieve it thanks to her common sense.

But Mathis’s mother will be amazed when she finds out that the duo seem to have met in a totally secluded location. Unfortunately, Emma will lose their tracks and fall into Jacob’s trap.

To do so, this criminal will neutralize her with a teaser… Before aiming his revolver at her inert body. Will Camille react and do everything to save her sister?

The suspense is at its peak. So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”!


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