More beautiful life: Boher and Samia plant Christmas Eve!


In the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast this Thursday, December 24, Boher and Samia will face adventures that will bring them together!

As in real life, the characters in Plus belle la vie are getting ready to have Christmas Eve. However, nothing will go as planned. Indeed, Boher and Samia will unfortunately crash the evening. They are going to experience adventures.

This Thursday, December 24, France 3 will broadcast a special episode of Plus belle la vie. As Boher and Samia (Plus belle la vie) have to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their loved ones, they are going to experience a series of rather strange events.

First, Boher and Samia (Plus belle la vie) have the mission to go to the fishmonger. The two have to recover the seafood. For their part, Irina, a homeless man, Hadrien and his mother await them with great impatience.

It must be said that everyone can not wait to celebrate Christmas Eve. As Boher prepares to go home, his car breaks down. Bad luck, his phone has run out of battery. He then relies on his ex Samia.


Unfortunately, Samia (Plus belle la vie) forgot her phone. Over time, everyone worries about exes. Irina and Hadrien then set off in search of their companion. Hadrian’s mother, stay quiet with the SDF.

Lucie also decides to accompany Irina and Hadrien. Finally, they find Samia and Boher. During all this time, the latter did not hesitate to make pretty confidences about their past life.

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Indeed, they took advantage of this moment together to recall some memories. And especially all the Christmas Eve they both spent. But that’s not all. Samia and Boher also remember the birth of their baby girl.

In the course of these confidences, the two also admit that they do not see themselves becoming parents with another person!


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