More beautiful life: Boher and Léa spend the night together!


Soon in Plus belle la vie, Jean-Paul and Léa will spend the night together. And the duo will even be woken up the next day by Lucie.

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul and Léa have come together very closely. In the next episode of the famous fiction, the two friends will even fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Every day, viewers of “Plus belle la vie” are there to follow the various intrigues of the series. And right now, some characters have seen better days!

Like Emma! Indeed, the young woman encounters some problems within her private sphere.

For starters, Caesar’s sidekick doesn’t always feel fulfilled in her role as a mother. So much so that she keeps messing around with her son Mathis.

In parallel to all this, her darling Baptiste also wants a 2nd child with her. But Thomas’s daughter-in-law doesn’t seem at all excited about the idea.

To top it off, Emma has finally reunited with her younger sister Camille after several years of absence. In fact, the young woman was kidnapped and held in a real slum.

To this day, her captor is still running. And he will do everything to get his hands on his captive.

Despite ups and downs, the two sisters are determined to make up for lost time. But over the course of the episodes, Camilla will also reveal her true face to the chagrin of those around her!

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul also had to deal with the disappearance of a loved one. Indeed, his ex Samia is still nowhere to be found.

In the turmoil, he can obviously count on Léa’s support. And in the coming episodes, the two friends will get very close.


A few weeks ago in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul’s marriage turned into a fiasco. On the day of his union with Irina, Boher mentioned Leah’s first name when exchanging his vows.

Unsurprisingly, this little blunder got the better of their story! In the process, Pavel also put his two cents in to avenge his daughter’s honor.

And to do so, Luna’s ex has vowed to attack everyone around his ex-son-in-law. Lea, who was fatally injured by the latter, was able to get out of it.

But the ugly still roams the Mistral and has not said his last word. As a reminder, since the terrible accident at the large gymnasium in Marseille, Jean-Paul and Emilie’s sister have been inseparable.

If Léa has never hidden his attraction to women, Lucie’s dad seems to have always hoped that their relationship will evolve. Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, the two friends will finally spend the night together!


Unfortunately, some fans of the saga may be disappointed! Indeed, the two friends will fall asleep together on Boher’s couch without something crisp happening.

The next day, they will even be woken up by Lucie who does not really understand the situation. In the sequence, the little girl again claims her mother to the chagrin of Jean-Paul who is struggling to find her trace.

A bit embarrassed, Ariane’s ex is about to take his daughter to school under the dubious gaze of her best friend. So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”.