More beautiful life: angry students fight for the climate!


Manon and Noé fight for the climate in Plus belle la vie. The young people are going to organize a demonstration.

The soap opera Plus belle la vie is committed to the climate. Indeed, Noah and Manon are going to organize a demonstration at the school, but that risks turning into the drama. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

The soap opera of France 3 will put forward a whole new plot. Indeed, tonight, in Plus belle la vie, the young people of Scotto High School are worried about their future and the planet. So, they decided to mark the occasion and have a demonstration.

Noé and Manon are ready to do anything to make themselves heard in high school. Thus, the two teens will ask all their classmates to do a demonstration with them.

In Scotto, they will gather and wear masks. For several hours, the young people will block the establishment and refuse to go to class.

However, not everyone will like it, and Nisma will refuse to blockade. In fact, she’s going to ask her brother not to follow suit in Plus belle la vie.


In tonight’s episode of More Beautiful Life, Nisma will not want to blockade and will rather go to class. In addition, she will ask Bilal not to join the others. Bilal will not hear it that way and will prefer to skip class.

“There are some who want to work!”, Nisma will say to Noah. Nevertheless, the young man will not let her pass and will even laugh at her. Bilal’s sister will be very upset and think that Noah and Manon are doing everything to miss their studies.

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The demonstration will however quickly end and the pupils will even have a glue. Noé will have six hours of glue for having carried out the blockade with Manon. Besides, Blanche will make sure he gets his punishment right. However, the teenager will learn terrible news.

Shortly after, Noah will learn from a reporter that the body of a young woman has been found. The young man will then discover that Manon was killed in Plus belle la vie and will collapse …


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