More beautiful life: a war about to break out in the Mistral?


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, Barbara and Thomas will build a bar opposite the Mistral. Attention spoilers! Barbara and Thomas are preparing to go to war at the famous Mistral bar by opening theirs in the same place in Plus Belle La Vie.

Nothing works anymore in Plus Belle La Vie. In the next few episodes, love won’t get a lot of people drunk. It’s quite the opposite.

And for good reason, all are on the nerves at the start of the new year. Particularly Thomas who, since his argument with his father, never gives up.

Thus, the companion of Doctor Riva is determined to embark on his project. Whether or not the inhabitants of the Mistral like it.

So what is it all about? In short, Thomas, played by Laurent Kérusoré, would like to open another bar on the Place du Mistral.

A way of making rivalry with that of his father, now run by women. Moreover, he is not the only one from Plus Belle La Vie to want to start this war.

Indeed, the cook Barbara intends to join his ranks and team up with him. Much to the despair of the Mistralians, who must choose their sides …


What about the other characters in Plus Belle La Vie? First, Emma and Baptiste go through a huge, possibly irreversible, relationship crisis.

Indeed, the two lovebirds do not get along since the return of the pretty brunette. The disappearance of Mathis at the market, finally found a short time later, questions the father of the family.

Should he leave his wife? For the moment, the hunk of Plus Belle La Vie has not yet made up his mind. Conversely, Estelle and Francesco intend to move in together and leave the roommate.

However, the latter find themselves in great trouble when they realize that the rental prices are too expensive. So, are they really going to take to the skies on their own?


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