Morata confesses his toughest moments as a footballer


Alvaro Morata went through the microphones of El Partidazo de la Cadena Cope and also through El Chiringuito de Jugones for soccer chat. In that interview he talked about his relationship with Simeone, with Diego Costa, his arrival at Atletico, his bad time at Chelsea or the expulsion in Mallorca.

“The image was not beautiful and I apologize to my colleagues, but I did not deserve expulsion. I was bandaged with his heel and they should have expelled the center, but I entered the player’s game and let him out in a lot of ways: I regret it. ”

“With the Real Madrid shirt, it would surely have been different. From the VAR they would have said that it was direct red because it was an entrance to the Achilles tendon, but I was not ready because I got up. ”

His suffering in Chelsea
Morata explains what he suffered in Chelsea where he wanted to go to a distant country to forget or how he even threw the phone against the wall

“I didn’t feel like going out or talking to people, I just focused on playing the World Cup in Russia and in the end I didn’t go and ended up being unhappy.”

“I came to consider going too far to not have pressure, play in a league without that pressure to win every Sunday and without having to concentrate before each game.”

Reveals some bad episodes he lived in his London stage

“One day he gave me a flat tire, I went to Germany and when I arrived we spent the night in the hospital because Alice was bad, I played two days later and she gave me another puncture and a horrible game. On the phone I had messages that I didn’t care about and I threw it on the wall. I’ve come to break the phone by throwing it against the wall after the games. ”

He adds that “in England I had the feeling that when I unchecked and my colleagues looked at me, their feeling was that I was not going to do anything good.”

The arrival at Atletico changed his life
“The Atleti thing appeared, I had six or seven important offers, and Chelsea wanted me to follow, but I decided to do what I was looking for a few summers ago.”

“In Atleti I am happy, in football I had stopped enjoying and now I am happy. The people who work in the club, my teammates because I didn’t believe in myself. ”

He explains that “I have never been able to be in a place for many years. I’ve been in the best teams, but I’ve never had continuity. When I was in Juventus I knew in the middle of the season that they were going to buy me back, and that is things that distract you. ”

The keys of this Atletico and its relationship with Simeone
The ‘9’ explains that “we have to change what we have been doing in the game but if we had seized any opportunity we would be higher”

“As a coach you already know everything about Cholo. You can talk about everything with him, but he didn’t send me messages. There are other trainers who do not care, for them you are a product and when you score goals they give you a pat on the back and when you are injured you do not exist ”

The brotherhood in Atletico
Finally he referred to his relationship with Atletico players and especially with Diego Costa

“At Atleti we all help each other. Costa had been working the whole game against Leverkusen, I went out seven minutes and scored. They are streaks. I get along very well with him and he is a great person, one night I went with him to Madrid by taxi. “


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