Moon mining offer from NASA to private companies


NASA, which wants to turn private companies’ work in space into opportunities, announced that it is seeking to cooperate with private companies to extract resources on the moon. NASA stated that it will buy rock, soil and other moon materials from these companies, and asked the companies in question to produce robots that can mine moon.

NASA transfers moon mining business to private companies

Jim Bridenstine, who is currently the head of NASA, announced in his official blog post that the space agency will now start purchasing parts of the moon from private companies. On the other hand, in a tweet he shared; “NASA buys moonshine from commercial providers. It is time to make arrangements to extract and trade space resources ”.

According to the information provided by NASA, companies will have to include the materials they collect in the space agency’s system. Resources will remain only the property of NASA after the transfer.

The agency, which aims to come back to the moon in 2024, plans to fully provide the transfer of mining services before this date. NASA, aiming to send the first female astronaut to the lunar surface in 2024, has decided to set a price between 15 and 25 thousand dollars for the samples in question.


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