Moon Knight: What we suspected about a second season of the series on Disney +


Very subtly it seems that Marvel and Disney + have let slip the possibility that Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, will have its second season. Although there is no official statement, the fandom was able to find a certain slip in a publication on one of its social networks that would leave the door open for this idea.

Moon Knight has little screen time on Disney+ and yet has garnered the highest viewership and preference numbers. The impeccable interpretation of Oscar Isaac, with his multiple personality role, has captivated the followers of this fictional drama that premiered last March.

The plot that presents the personalities of Steven Grant and Marc Spector who live inside the same body of our protagonist, everything that happens between them and the most shocking scenes with other actors such as Ethan Hawke who plays Arthur Harrow’s genocidal villain, They have been fundamental factors for the success of Moon Knight with only 6 episodes that this series will have.

This psychological thriller follows a person (Oscar Isaac) who leads a normal life, but is surprised by constant “blackouts” and memories that “seem to be someone else’s.” As the episodes go by, they show that this main character discovers that he suffers from a dissociative identity disorder and certain events take place in which the two characters that coexist within our protagonist must get along despite the fact that he is faced with dealing with both identities in the midst of a deadly battle between the mighty gods of Egypt. Indeed, Marc Spector represents a ruthless man who is the bearer of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the Moon (Moon Knight), and hence the name in Spanish: El Caballero de la Luna.

After efforts to bring these characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to television, it has been proven that they can easily keep up with box office success. With this proposal for independent superhero miniseries, Disney+ has gotten a lot of attention and those shows will almost certainly stay on the platform.

Although Moon Knight had an initial plan to have only one season, something seems to have changed. Now, with a single tweet, Marvel seems to have very subtly revealed its intentions to produce another season of this Egyptian-themed show. It turns out that there was a wording change in a post from his official account on this social network. They first posted a post saying “series finale” of “Moon Knight,” but that tweet was deleted and replaced with one referring to the final episode as a “season finale.” This freaked out the fans who assumed that there is an intention (and hope) on the part of the studio to produce a season 2 of “Moon Knight“, but there is still nothing official about it.

“THEY CHANGED IT TO THE SEASON ENDING INSTEAD OF THE SERIES ENDING I’M SCREAMING,” @heavysoal said, attaching the image of Marvel’s deleted tweet.

“You deleted your previous tweet saying it was the series finale, now you edited it as ‘season finale’, is there a season 2 coming?” said @emagdyyy and posted a photo of the two tweets side by side.