Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac’s brother worked as his double in the Disney + series


Starring Oscar Isaac in the role of Steven Grant/Marc Spector, Moon Knight has little airtime as it premiered at the end of March 2022, and yet this Disney+ series inspired by Marvel comics has given it the welcome big names like Ethan Hawke who plays Arthur Harrow’s genocidal villain and Egyptian-Palestinian star May Calamawy who plays an adventurous archaeologist who steals the show. Although there is also room for the family of Oscar Isaac, who got a curious name for his character. (Spoiler alert!)

When our protagonist wakes up in the last episode of Moon Knight, he finds himself in a mental health facility after being shot by Arthur Harrow; in the midst of his confusion he was about to think that his imagination had created all of his adventures, which left him even more bewildered. Let’s remember that this character suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and has multiple alters who fight to take the lead within the same body.

This season of this new Disney+ series has been on the air for a month and the asylum scene where his psychological condition shows off in episode 4 released this week, fans will see Marc and his alter ego Steve, at the same time, but as 2 separate people, when they normally share a body. Isaac said during a press conference for the show that his brother was hired to help portray these identities on screen.

In the interview, Oscar Isaac highlighted the importance and significance of the fact that his own brother Michael Benjamín Hernández, who is also an actor and also a journalist, could be by his side during these scenes of reflection.

The trick for these scenes is to record a part where only the expressions with the other actor are recorded and are later replaced digitally, with the performance of the protagonist. While Marc and Steven’s heads belong to Isaac, the scene was shot using Hernandez as a body double.

However, more important than the fact that both brothers share on set and the same character with all their personalities, was the code name that Hernandez got on the team. This was revealed by one of the Marvel editors, Rachel Paige, on her Twitter account that Hernandez was baptized in the Moon Knight universe as “Mork Sphincter”. The name is obviously derived from the name Marc Spector, with a funny touch that we could surely be a joke between brothers.