Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac Appears in New Marvel Series Photo


Moon Knight: Marvel’s cinematic universe (MCU) is expanding more and more each year by bringing comic book characters to real life through series or movies. After the great success stories, the MCU is about to gain another addition with the Moon Knight character.

The Moon Knight series will be available on Disney+, as well as WandaVision, one of the biggest MCU hits, and has Oscar Isaac as the protagonist. Recently, the first image of the actor referring to his character was revealed and fans are increasingly anxious for the new Marvel series.

Check out what we know so far about the production!

What we already know about the Moon Knight series

Some videos of Oscar Isaac training to bring the character of Marvel to life had already been posted, but the photo published by the studio’s official Twitter itself made the series really get a confirmation, as Isaac is surrounded by images of the Knight of the Moon.

In case you don’t know Moon Knight yet, he is a very different character from others seen in the world of super heroes. Underneath the cloak is Marc Spencer, a former CIA agent who goes through a near-death experience thanks to a terrorist named Bushman.

However, Spencer is saved by Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God, and manages to defeat the terrorist. From there, he assumes the mantle of Knight of the Moon.

In addition, the character suffers from multiple personality disorder, that is, his mind is commanded not only by Marc Spencer, but also by three other people, including Steven Grant, Jake Lockley and the Moon God himself, Khonshu.

Due to such distinct personalities, the character ends up making unexpected decisions that escape the known pattern of the superhero as someone completely perfect.

We couldn’t be more looking forward to expanding the MCU with the Moon Knight series! We are sure that Oscar Isaac will be a great addition to the Marvel team.


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