Moon Knight Hulk’s Feat Proves Fans Still Underestimate His Powers


Warning! Moon Knight Spoilers Ahead: Black, White & Blood #2

The latest issue of Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood from Marvel Comics confirms that Mark Spector and his abilities are still underestimated. Having accomplished a feat worthy of the Hulk in this new issue, the “Moon Knight” proves what the avatar of the Egyptian moon god really looks like. Similarly, Honshu’s status as a supernatural deity is also confirmed.

Moon Knight, the last hero to receive the “Black, White and Blood” appeal, certainly brings whiteness and a lot of blood to this unique mini-series-anthology. Following other heroes and villains such as Wolverine, Elektra, Carnage and Deadpool, the first issue was a collection of stories about the Moon Knight teaming up with Spider-Man, the Moon Knight from the future and the story of the Moon Knight told. backwards. Now in a new story from David Pepose, Leonardo Romero and Chris Sotomayor, presented in Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #2, Mark holds an important meeting with his alternate personalities (and his god).

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In The Knight of a Hard Day, Mark eats at a diner while talking to Honsou and his alters. Wanting to know the details of how he received certain injuries from those who controlled his body, Spector is particularly interested in the reason why he lost a tooth. Surprisingly, the blame lies with Honshu, who didn’t think his last encounter was worth his avatar’s time. Incredibly, it turned out that the Egyptian mood god defeated the usually unstoppable Juggernaut.

Being also related to the demon god known as Cittorak, it seems that Marko’s Cain Juggernaut couldn’t compare to Honshu, who controlled the Moon Knight’s body. Although Cittorak’s power allowed Juggernaut to fight the Incredible Hulk himself, it seems that the Egyptian moon god is the more powerful being between the two of them. Similarly, this story is a perfect example that proves how strong the Moon Knight is and could be permanently if he and Honshu were on better terms than they are. After all, Honshu is not the most altruistic or merciful god in the Marvel universe.

Anyway, Moon Knight is extremely undervalued. While most of this stems from the fact that most Marvel heroes thought he was completely crazy before the recent “Avengers: Age of Honshu” event, there are still some real-life fans who think he’s just another vigilante on par with someone like Daredevil. In truth, power levels Moon Knight puts him on a par with someone like Thor or the Hulk if he just connected to the higher levels of power he possesses as Honshu’s Fist of Justice.