Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke only accepted for Oscar Isaac


In a conversation broadcast by The Watch’s podcast on The Ringer, actor Ethan Hawke commented on the recent announcement of his participation in the cast of Marvel’s Knight of the Moon series. According to him, to accept the invitation, he took into account that Oscar Isaac would be the protagonist.

“To be honest, I consider him an extremely talented actor. I love to watch what he has done. It reminds me a lot of the actors I admired when I arrived in New York, ”he said, adding that despite the age difference, he admires him immensely as a professional.

“Oscar is younger than me, but I like the way he behaves and also how he thinks. And in general, good things happen when you are on the same project with people that you identify with the way they think, right? ”, He joked.

Ethan Hawke to play the great villain of Moon Knight

According to Ethan Hawke, who has not yet released details of his character to date, there are many interesting narrative elements in the plot of Knight of the Moon. Apparently, however, he should play the great antagonist of the narrative.

“I love the fact that this series has a less known story [by the general public], as it allows for more creative freedom. Director Mohammed Diab is brilliant ”, he praised.

Thus, the actor’s enthusiasm to integrate this production is visible. Hawke further stated that he is very much looking forward to working with Oscar Isaac.

Although Marvel has not yet provided the public with great news about this new project, expectations are already high by the little that is known.

So, let’s wait for more information!


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