Moon Knight Director Teases Season 2 with Viral Tik Tok Video


The series “Moon Knight” from Marvel Studios ended with a perfect cliffhanger, and at the very end, the fans were presented with a new alter ego of the main character. Jake Lockley, played by Oscar Isaac, was the avatar that fans were waiting for, and many wondered if his appearance meant that the series would return in the second season. Director Mohamed Diab teased the second season by sharing a viral TikTok video featuring Isaac and himself, which was apparently filmed in Cairo.

A TikTok video featuring director Moon Knight and Isaac went viral on social media on Wednesday, and now Diab has shared it on his official Twitter account. “Moon Knight, season 2?” he teases, absolutely not confirming whether the video confirming the second season of the Marvel Studios series is a fake, a joke, or his subtle way to confirm the return of Lockley and Leila El-Mae Kalamawi. Faoli. Fan theories have started swirling online, and it seems that they have almost confirmed that the first season of “Moon Knight” is not the end of Lockley’s journey.

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In a viral video, a TikToker user, known by the nickname hayaattiaa, takes a selfie on a boat plying the Ritz-Carlton Nile in Cairo. “Everyone has a question on their mind, is there a second season?” she asks and turns the camera to the director of “Moon Knight” Diab. He seems confused, looks around and innocently asks, “Moon Knight?” The camera then shows Isaac, who asks with a grin, “Why else would we be in Cairo?” The couple are dressed casually and seem to be either enjoying a leisurely cruise or looking for a place for the next shoot.

Since Diab shared the video on Twitter, fans are convinced that this is Marvel’s way of confirming the second season of “Moon Knight.” However, there has been no official confirmation from the studio yet, so the situation may be either way. TikToker subscribers, many of whom seem to be fans of Isaac and the Moon Knight, are celebrating in the comments section, and many are wondering how she stayed so calm while sitting next to the famous duo on the boat.

Moon Knight tells the story of Stephen Grant (Isaac), who lives with dissociative identity disorder and occasionally meets Mark Spector, his more evil alter ego. It is seen how they deal directly with Honshu F. Murray Abraham, the Egyptian god of the moon, and carry out a mission to prevent Ammit, the devourer of souls, from punishing innocent people. The series ended with a lot of opportunities to continue the journey of the main character, and it remains to be seen whether the TikTok video is really telling the truth.

“Moon Knight” is broadcast on Disney Plus.


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