Moon Chae-won Holds Back His Immense Pain by Visiting His Mother in “Payback”


In the new footage of “Payback,” Moon Chae-won’s character remembers his late mother.

SBS’s “Payback” tells a fascinating story of revenge by those who risk everything to fight a financial cartel that colluded with the law. The drama will give the audience a thrill and catharsis thanks to the portrayal of those who refuse to remain silent, fighting incompetent and unfair authorities in their own way. Lee Sun-gyun will play reclusive money dealer Eun-yong, and Moon Chae-won will play army Major Park Joon-kyung, an elite judicial official.

The footage shows Park Joon Kyung wearing her uniform as she visits the arboretum where her mother Yoon Hye Rin (Kim Mi-suk) is buried. Solemnly honoring her mother, she folds her hands and looks at the tombstone with a firm gaze. Park Joon Kyung, who seems to limit her deep pain, instead of expressing it, makes the audience sympathize even more.

In the following image, Park Joon Kyung turns her gaze to a mysterious group of men approaching her from afar. For a while she stares at them unwaveringly and moves with them. Viewers are curious to find out who these men are, as well as the truth about the death of Yoon Hyo Rin, the only member of Park Joon Kyung’s family.

The production team commented, “Moon Chae Won demonstrates his passion by doing his best in every scene with deep reflection and a serious attitude towards the project. This scene conveys the deeper atmosphere and aura of Moon Chae Won, who will return to the small screens in three years. Please wait for it.”

The premiere of “Payback” will take place on January 6 at 22:00 Korean time. kst. Watch the teaser here!


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