Moody’s is Looking for a Cryptocurrency Analyst!


Moody’s Investors Service Limited, one of the largest credit rating companies in the world, is looking to hire a cryptocurrency analyst, according to its latest job posting.


The major New York-based credit rating company has made a new opening in LinkedIn’s employment listings. The ad indicates that Moody’s is taking a more serious look at digital assets such as cryptocurrency, unique tokens, and DeFi assets.

The job listing shows that Moody’s Blockchain C4E team is looking to hire an experienced crypto analyst to develop the company’s digital currency, NFTs and DeFi strategies and leverage the research and development the team has put together. The ad contains the following statements:

“You will be part of a team of people responsible for supporting successful project deliveries for our C4E. The role also includes advocating for operational and process changes to move towards a more data-driven organizational paradigm.”

Moody’s says understanding DeFi is a vital part of the job. The company is looking for someone with a deep understanding of how to manage and sustain financial markets and the potential far-reaching impact of decentralized finance (DeFi) on an existing ecosystem.

“In addition to backtesting the valuation frameworks developed by Blockchain C4E using market data to analyze cryptoassets and other related products; Provide detailed feedback for further improvement of risk factors.”

The posting shows that Moody’s is also interested in stablecoins, CBDCs and NFTs. The company wants the analyst to develop in-depth knowledge of DeFi and blockchain-based elements such as stablecoins, unique token (NFT) assets, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

In its quest to hire cryptocurrency experts, Moody’s joins a growing number of large companies exploring the viability of digital currencies like Bitcoin, NFTs and DeFi. This search for the company comes after similar job postings listed by big companies like Amazon, JPMorgan, the family office of British billionaire Simon Nixon.

Amazon Inc. has announced that it will hire a blockchain and digital expert to join the payments team. The company stated that an experienced digital currency and blockchain product leadership will help the firm develop its digital currency and blockchain strategy and product roadmap.

In the past months, the multinational retail giant Walmart announced that it is in a similar quest. According to the job posting, Walmart was reportedly looking to hire talent with experience in product or project management and technology commercialization and a deep understanding of cryptocurrency and related technologies.

Additionally, late last month, the Seek Capital family office, owned by UK Billionaire Simon Nixon, announced plans to hire a cryptocurrency analyst to help the firm expand its investment products into the crypto sector.

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi areas have started to be at the top of the topics that large companies want to include in their business processes. With increasing adoption in these areas, the need for such innovative workforces will continue to increase.