Monument Valley Producer Ustwo and New Game from Facebook: ‘Go Go Bots’


Monument Valley’s producer Ustwo and Facebook have released a new game, Go Go Bots. The game, which does not need to be downloaded and made on the Facebook Instant Games platform, is accessed from Facebook Gaming. Each character has its own powers in the game with 5 characters.

Facebook users have encountered a new game called Go Go Bots on Facebook Gaming as of today. Developed by Monument Valley producer Ustwo and Facebook, the game is published as ‘Instant Game’, while Go Go Bots can be accessed from Facebook Gaming. Made on Facebook’s Instant Games platform, the game can be played in instant messaging on mobile devices or via web links. No download is required to play the game.

The game can be accessed independently from the ‘Gaming’ tab on Facebook or Facebook Gaming on Google Play. Leo Olebe, the manager of Facebook’s game partnerships, told GamesBeat that Go Go Bots is the ‘strategic climb’ game, and the game is in a colorful, malfunctioning and ‘cyberpunk’ future. Olebe also praised Ustwo and said that they were very excited to work with the company and that Ustwo was a great company.

The story of the game:

In the game, players choose one of 5 different characters. Each character has unique powers and characteristics. Characters try to find their way through hazardous obstacles by competing against each other and time. Go Go Bots are specifically designed to connect people, as the two game modes focus on one-to-one multiplayer competition. It is also noted that the game is best played on smartphones.

Go Go Bots has two game modes: in Seasons mode, players play alone, while the group game can be played in the Grand Prix. More than 700 million people are playing games on Facebook, watching games, or using game groups every month, according to the manager. The biggest increase in games on Facebook recently occurred with the Instant Games platform, which offers developers the opportunity to develop and publish games in HTML5 format, which has become the common language of the web.

In April, Facebook released the standalone Facebook Gaming app on Google Play. Here you have the chance to join Instant Game games or groups of games by focusing only on the game. Last December, Facebook released 2 new Pokémon games on Facebook Gaming titled Pokemon Tower Battle and Pokemon Medallion Battle. Thus, The Pokemon Company made games for Facebook Gaming for the first time and both games were made on the Instant Games platform.


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