Monty Lopez Confirms Divorce From Cherie Easterling Is “Over”


Addison Ray’s father, Monty Lopez, confirmed that his divorce from Shari Easterling was “over” and revealed more about his relationship with Renee Ash.

The parents of 22-year-old Addison Ray, Monty Lopez and Shari Easterling, found themselves in the spotlight in mid-2022 after Lopez was accused of cheating on Easterling.

In the drama that followed, rapper Jung Gravey took Easterling to the VMA, and Lopez instead wrote a diss track on the rapper called “Garnish”.

Now, in an interview with Page Six, Lopez announced that his divorce from Easterling is “over.”

“Our divorce is over. What can I do from now on, I can move forward,” he said. “In Louisiana, everything is very simple, everything is different. You must understand that we have been separated for more than two years.”

“When you come before the judicial system here and say, ‘Hey, we’ve been separated for over two years, we’ve been living apart for a year and a half,’ we’ve done our due diligence.”

He went on to say: “There’s nothing else to do. We go to the judge, I sign it, she signs it, and then we move on to the next step.”

Monty also revealed that he had reconciled with influencer Renee Ash, who revealed her romantic relationship with Lopez shortly after allegations of infidelity went viral earlier this year. This follows speculation after Renee uploaded an image of them kissing.

renee ash monty lopez

“So, I’m glad we’re talking again,” he said. “I’m excited that we’re talking about moving together, I’m excited… to see the next step in this relationship.”

Renee added: “We are doing everything slowly. I’d like to meet Shari before I meet the kids, just to make her comfortable.”

Both Monty and Cherie remain active on social media, which fans are closely following for updates.


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