This Month 3 Critical Developments That Can Affect Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum


This Month 3 Critical Developments That Can Affect Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum.

Bitcoin recently surprised analysts and investors with surpluses and the crypto currency showed unexpected price movements in both directions. Having recently recovered its critical $ 7,500 level, the BTC could not find the support of its buyers to go further. As 2019 is on the verge of ending, some experts and analysts argue that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will produce an unexpected price move. What is the rationale for BTC and subcoin predictions of these experts and analysts? Here are some important developments that may affect Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and altcoin prices in December 2019…

Here are the developments that may affect the price of Bitcoins and subcoins in December
Before the end of 2019, everyone is wondering how Bitcoin and other subcoins will perform before the end of the year. We have compiled a few important developments that may affect the price of Bitcoin, which supports the predictions of some experts and analysts for you.

SFOX: Christmas and New Year holidays can pump Bitcoin price
Some experts suggest there is a link between Bitcoin prices and US holidays. In addition, SFOX, a company that foresees the current price trends of crypto currency many times, has released its new crypto currency analysis report. According to the company report, the price of Bitcoin increased by 14, 21 and 5 percent in the past days of 2019 during the American Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Labor Day holidays, respectively. Therefore, SFOX claims that a similar trend in Bitcoin can be seen during Christmas and New Year holidays. The SFOX report suggests that the price of Bitcoin, in particular, has risen before and after the holidays.

Experts: Bakkt’s two new Bitcoin products can fluctuate market prices!
As Somag News, the Bakkt platform, owned by ICE, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock market, is launching new BTC products. The platform will soon offer Bitcoin option contracts and cash-paid Bitcoin futures to customers. Two new Bitcoin products will be traded on the platform on December 9, according to the stock market announcement. According to some experts and analysts, the performance of Bakkt’s new BTC products may fluctuate market prices.

Industry pioneers: CME Bitcoin futures expiry date could bring volatility to the market
As we have discussed extensively in our previous articles, some well-known crypto currency analysts and experts claim that there is a link between the Bitcoin price and the expiry date of BTC futures. Therefore, it is considered that the last trading day of Bitcoin futures traded at CME creates volatility in Bitcoin price. The December Bitcoin futures traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will expire on December 27th.

Some experts and analysts expect a change in prices for Bitcoin, and therefore subcoin, before and after December 27. Examples of these analysts are; Wall Street analyst and Bitcoin bull Tom Lee, Luke Martin and Brian Kelly.

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