Monsters from Ocarina of Time Are Terrifying in Fan Art


Ocarina of Time: Andres Rios, an artist who is a huge fan of horror and Zelda works, decided to redesign some of the iconic enemies of Ocarina of Time in a slightly more macabre version. The result was very interesting, and many of the monsters seem ready to leave their original game and end up in a work like Dark Souls or Silent Hill.

There are three enemies reimagined by the artist’s creations, check out the list below.


Ocarina of Time’s standard skeletal foe looks like one of the mobs, straight from Dark Souls.


One of the biggest limitations of games in the N64 era was with textures and fabrics, something very important in Poe’s look. He ended up with one of the most different looks then, even sacrificing color.


This is an enemy that fits perfectly in the new style, mainly because it was already imagined as a monster to be scary in Ocarina of Time itself. Its modernized look makes the enemy a little more realistic, looking like it’s facing the player with both its spider eyes and the eyes of the skull on its body.

dead hand

Of course, the Dead Hand couldn’t be missing. This boss has already haunted the imagination of many players and artists, and inspires many fans’ works that create their own versions of the monster. In the illustration of Rios, he can very well imagine the creature haunting a Silent Hill or one of the indie games that are inspired by the series.


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