Monsters at Work: Why isn’t Boo on the Disney+ series?


Monsters S.A. spin-off series will be released on Disney+ this Wednesday (7). In an interview with Digital Spy, Bobs Gannaway, creator of Monsters at Work, revealed the reason why Boo, one of the most beloved characters of the public and protagonist of the infamous Pixar Theory, is not in production.

According to him, the idea of ​​the animated series is to show the audience more about the partnership between Sulley and Mike after the events seen in the film and, with that, there wouldn’t be much space to re-introduce Boo at any time.

For Gannaway, the relationship Boo and Sulley built over the course of the original feature was too valuable to be put into this plot. Pete Docter, who directed the 2001 film and now serves as executive producer on the series, agreed with that position.

“We both agreed that their relationship was very precious and wonderful. That way, we’ll let fans all over the world have their respective interpretations of how that relationship has continued,” he said during the interview.

“That was really important for Pete [Docter] and also for us. So it’s not like we don’t love Boo and don’t want to see her again. But this relationship is so deep that we want to leave it the way it is”, he concluded.

Learn more about the Monsters SA spin-off.

Set about six months after Boo, Mike and Sulley’s incredible adventures in the original film, the new Disney+ series based on Monsters SA shows how protagonists have taken on more important roles in their company, starting to reap the laughs of children instead. of their frightened screams.

However, with the arrival of Tylor Tuskmon, a newly graduated monster, the pair realize they have a huge fan under their supervision. Although Boo does not return for the spin-off, other characters already known to the public will appear in some episodes, such as Yeti, Celia and Roz.

So be sure to check it out! Monsters at Work will be released weekly on Disney+ starting this Wednesday (7).


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