Monster Slayer, augmented reality delivery for mobile


The Polish study confirms The Witcher: Monster Slayer, the new installment of the saga in augmented reality for mobile devices. It will arrive soon.

CD Projekt reveals The Witcher: Monster Slayer, a new installment of the brand designed to take advantage of augmented reality. It will arrive in F2P format on iOS and Android. At the head of the news you can see her first trailer.

In the official description, the company points out that we are before a “location-based RPG via augmented reality” in which we will become “a professional monster hunter”. “Locate the monsters and prepare to fight using the time of day, the weather conditions and your knowledge of witchcraft to take advantage,” they comment. Its development will be in charge of the Spokko studio.

The official website offers the first look at what threats will look like on our mobile screen. They will be “life size” and you will face it from a first person perspective. “Make sure you are prepared by training your character, drinking potions and oils, making bombs and selecting the right equipment for each fight,” they say.

One of the images reveals that the bestiary is made up of 78 specimens divided into three different types: basic (37), rare (25), and legendary (16). Some will be drawn directly from the video game trilogy, while others will be unreleased for gamers. Although we do not know details about the progression in depth, the website indicates that we will participate in narrative missions “through the epic adventures inspired by the Witcher franchise.”

The release date has not been revealed, although the trailer indicates that it will be “soon” on mobile devices. They invite those interested to subscribe to the newsletter to know exactly when we will be able to participate in the first raid in the purest Pokémon GO style, exchanging the super balls for silver swords, leather bags and scalps from the entire universe created by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.


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