Monster Rancher 2 will be available in Japan


Originally released in 1999 for PlayStation, the game Monster Rancher 2 had recently officially confirmed its return to the games market, this time including availability for smartphones with Android and iOS, as well as for the Nintendo Switch console.

Bringing enhanced experience, which includes 3D graphics, Part-Time Job mini-game and expansion of the total number of monsters from 200 to 400, this being considered the largest amount for the series, in addition to the Slate Reproduction feature, which allows importing of the first edition of the game.

Following with the game information, he had confirmation of his supposed release date for the aforementioned platforms, this information being revealed through the Japanese Apple App Store, which includes the information that this should happen on September 17th, possibly due that date be limited to Japan.

In addition, the store also reveals that the game will be classified as premium, being charged the value of 2,820 yen, that is, something around R $ 149 in direct conversion, using the current exchange value, which may vary considering that app stores don’t necessarily follow this index.

Still according to the stores, to run the new game it will be required for Apple devices to have at least iOS 9.0 on board (can be installed on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch) and at the Play Store at least Android 6.0, although it can some models may be excluded.

For now, there is no information about the availability for Brazilian users and what will be the price, if this occurs.


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