Monster! Nvidia builds PC with 320GB VRAM


Today (16), NVIDIA unveiled its new monstrous desktop, featuring robust configurations to envy. The DGX Station A100 will feature an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor with 64 cores, 512 GB of RAM, 7 TB of SSD and will have a case capable of supporting up to four GPUs A100 in 40 GB or 80 GB variations, resulting in maximum range 320 GB of VRAM.

The DGX Station A100 is a desktop focused on the performance of all types of activities, especially those of greater complexity in offices and laboratories.

It is worth emphasizing that the machine will not be intended for domestic use, taking into account both the specifications themselves, aimed at performing supercomputing functions of artificial intelligence and derivatives, as well as the value itself, since only an A100 graphics card costs something around R $ 1.074 million.

There is still no forecast for the launch of the DGX Station A100.

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