Monster Hunter World removes Denuvo DRM in new PC update


Monster Hunter World: Surprisingly, Capcom simply decided to remove Denuvo from Monster Hunter World on PC. The company had already signaled that it would update the game, but never hinted that it would also get rid of DRM in the Steam version of the title, something players only realized when they looked at the history of changes on the SteamDB website.

Despite the surprise, this is far from the first time we’ve seen a company remove DRM from their games. Usually, this happens when the game is pirated, which defeats the purpose of DRM, or after a long time after the title was released. Whatever the reason, it’s worth mentioning that Capcom has already done this with some of their other games, like those in the Resident Evil franchise, for example.

For those who already own Monster Hunter World, this news doesn’t mean much, but for those who wanted to find a way to pirate the game, the story can be a little different. Of course, any suspicious activity in online mode can still cause problems for your game account, so this is worth keeping in mind.

What we can certainly expect is that upcoming releases in the franchise, such as Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2, will also have Denuvo for a while. While Rise isn’t due on PC until 2022, spinoff Monster Hunter Stories 2 hits Steam on July 9th. As you may already know, both have console exclusivity on Switch, so we’re unlikely to see them on other platforms in the future.


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