Monster Hunter Stories for Nintendo Switch


The Japanese company has presented two new exclusive video games for the Kyoto platform. Capcom has announced important news regarding the Monster Hunter saga.

He has done it in the Nintendo Direct Mini, where he has confirmed two new video games. This is Monster Hunter Rise, a completely new chapter that will be released on March 26. The second game is an old acquaintance for Nintendo 3DS users, as it is Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruins. Its release date? In summer 2021. Although the first trailers have already been shown, there is a Direct dedicated to these video games.

These new products, designed specifically for Switch, allow you to take advantage of the features of the console and will connect with each other. Monster Hunter Rise promises “action anywhere,” plentiful hunts, and “seamlessly connected zones, letting you go wherever you want.” According to the saga’s website, there will be completely new monsters, a cooperative mode for up to four players and a kind of hook called Cablebicho, which allows you to slide through the stages.

Among the new monsters will be Magnamalo, Aknoson, Great Izuchi, and Tetranador. Capcom also promises a new type of companion, the Canyne comrades: “Not only will they help you with their attacks, but you can ride on their back!”


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