Monster Hunter Stories 2 Reveals Free Updates Roadmap!


With Monster Hunter Stories 2 a week away from the official launch of Monster Hunter Stories 2, Capcom decided to enhance the game by revealing its plans for future content that will be added entirely free, through updates. The news are highlighted in the new game launch trailer and detailed in a roadmap, check out:

As we can see in the video and in the roadmap, there are already five updates confirmed to bring new content for free to Monster Hunter Stories 2. In the first one, Palamute will be added as monstie, and then there will be new quests and more monsties, until reaching the fifth and last update, which has a mysterious co-op mission.

Speaking of cooperative gameplay, the developer also showed better how this game mode will work. In a very detailed video, we can see the gameplay in pairs for Monster Hunter Stories 2, including showing the two screens side by side to give a good idea of how the experience will work:

All new information about the game was shown as part of the official “pre-release” program for Monster Hunter Stories 2, which was broadcast in Japanese with English subtitles.

In addition to the new trailers and updates roadmap, Capcom also released a video with the theme song of the game in English and a collection of screenshots taken directly from the gameplay.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be released on July 9th for PC and Switch, and currently has a playable trial version on Nintendo’s handheld.


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