Monster Hunter Stories 2 Reaches 1 Million Units Sold


Monster Hunter Stories 2, the second spin-off game of befriending the iconic monsters of Monster Hunter, has reached the all-important milestone of one million copies sold. The information comes from Capcom itself, which informs that the number was achieved by adding the PC and Switch versions of the game, distributed globally.

The importance of the achievement is even greater when we take into account that the game was released on July 9th. In other words, even before completing two weeks of its launch, Monster Hunter Stories 2 has already distributed one million units around the world.

The game has been well received by the public and the specialized media, being considered a considerable evolution from its predecessor – originally made for the 3DS. At the moment, the game is only available on PC and Switch, and Capcom has yet to speak of plans to move it to other consoles.

And that impressive number of buyers already have plenty of content guaranteed for the coming weeks. In addition to the base game, Capcom plans to offer new expansions like it did with Monster Hunter World and Rise.

On the 15th of July we had the first addition to Monster Hunter Stories 2, in the form of Palamute (Amicon) as monstie. But the producer has already released a roadmap promising news for August 5th, September and even October. Additional content brings new monsters and co-op adventures to players.