Monster Hunter Rise Was Inspired By The Look and Quality Of MH World


Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most acclaimed games of 2021 and one of the best titles in the franchise, and its director Yasunori Ichinose spoke a little behind the scenes of production to Nintendo Life, where he emphasized the challenges of following the popular Monster Hunter World .

“It would have been too easy to use our archives from the Nintendo 3DS days, but considering how great Monster Hunter World was, our team really wanted to make a game that looked as modern as possible,” recalled Ichinose.

“Thinking in terms of processing, we wanted to have a lighter movement and a lot of freedom to explore, but we didn’t want to have to cut those elements. So we worked closely with the programmers in order to change as little as possible in relation to the World with regard to characters and their articulations!”

“Thinking as a gamer, we still put in lots of aerial actions with Wirebug and additional moves with walls, so we had to help our motion capture team, Katsugekiza, achieve the expected quality. Optimizing the game for Nintendo Switch was great. very difficult, but also rewarding!”

For now, Monster Hunter Rise is still exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, but a PC version is also planned for 2022. Have you already played this chapter of the series? What is your favorite Monster Hunter? Comment below!