Monster Hunter Rise: trailer shows Hunting Gauntlet


Continuing with the Monster Hunter Rise gameplay trailers, Capcom has decided to release videos of two more of its famous weapons. This time, the chosen ones were the Dynamo Blade and the Hunting Horn, also known as Charge Blade and Hunting Horn if you previously played the games in English.

With the Dynamo Blade, we have a heavy and slow weapon, but it can cause absurd damage when properly loaded and if you can hit your combos correctly. It is quite clear that it is not the easiest weapon to use against very agile monsters, but nothing that a hunter experiences cannot handle.

The Hunting Gauge, on the other hand, is an impact weapon instead of a cutting weapon, but that is not all that is different. Following almost the style of a bard weapon, you can play different notes to buff your character and allies. Of course, that doesn’t stop you from beating down monsters with several interesting combos.


As Capcom is releasing more weapons trailers every week, we hope that there will be even more Monster Hunter Rise gameplay videos soon. If you can’t wait for the game to come out, don’t worry that on March 26 it will be available on the Nintendo Switch!

Also tell us in the comments what the next weapons you want to see in action in the new game in the franchise!