Monster Hunter Rise targets 30fps and confirms free DLCs


This exclusive title for Nintendo Switch will not be the only one to reach the console, as Monster Hunter Stories 2 was announced at the same time.

During the most recent Nintendo Direct, Capcom announced the arrival of one of the missing series on Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter World has not run through the circuits of the console, so the Japanese have decided to publish two new exclusive titles for the Kyoto machine. They are Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruins and Monster Hunter Rise, both with a different tone. Now we know more details about the second of them, since youtuber Arekkz has had the opportunity to chat with Capcom’s CM (Socks). In a question and answer session, it was revealed that the goal is for the title to work at 30 fps.

Another interesting detail is that it will not be an open world, although its exploration mechanics have been taken from Monster Hunter World, so monsters and hunters will be able to travel from region to region without loading screens. The level design will be more vertical than in other games in the series, as reported. In addition, Socks has also revealed that there will be free content after launch. Without more data on this, the developers are focusing on providing incentives for players to return to the game long after its launch.

From hunt to hunt

Monster Hunter Rise will give hunters the possibility of accessing all kinds of hunts, in an action adventure that you can carry in your pocket. In addition to old known monsters, Capcom will add new specimens, cooperative mode for up to four players and a tool called Cablebicho, a hook that will allow us to move through the scenarios in an organic and fast way.

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While Monster Hunter Rise is planned for March 26, 2021, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruins will not arrive until summer 2021.


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