Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak — How to get the Blood Rite skill (health recovery)


The Blood Rite skill in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak explained how to create a set of Malzeno armor

The Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise adds many new monsters that hunters can encounter in the Master Rank. And to keep up with the high difficulty of Master Rank, players must not only make sure they have powerful weapons and armor, but they must also have equipped skills that match their hunting style of play.

Hunters can equip skills either by having a skill from the set of armor they wear, or by wearing jewelry on their equipment. One such example is the new Blood Rite skill in Sunbreak, which can only be used by equipping a set of Malzeno Master Rank armor, which can be created by hunting the flagship Sunbreak monster.

Here’s what players should know about the “Blood Rite” skill in Sunbreak.

Explanation of the Blood Rite skill in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Blood Rite skill in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is one of the best armor set skills that players can find, especially for hunters who want to save on money/crafting materials. The skill has three levels depending on the equipment that players currently have, and in the case of Blood Rite, part of the Malzeno chest and part of the waist contain skill effects.

The official in-game description of the skill reads: “Part of the damage done is converted into health when hitting a broken part of the monster.” Simply put, players will first need to break the parts of the monster, and the more damage is done to this damaged part, the more health the player will recover.

This will definitely come in handy when you encounter a strong Master-rank monster like Lunagaron or Malzeno, as players won’t need to constantly stop attacking to ingest potions to survive.

Hunters should keep in mind that using blunt weapons such as a hammer, a large sword or a hunting horn to destroy monster parts will greatly facilitate the task. Also, according to Arekkz, a YouTube blogger who focuses on Monster Hunter content, it seems that players recover more health with weapons that have a higher movement value.

Basically, this means that if players use weapons that don’t have as much “movement” in the combo, such as a Sword and Shield or Double Blades, they may not recover as much health as when using weapons such as Switch Axe., Charged Blade and Hammer.

Players who want to take full advantage of the “Blood Rite” skill should make sure that he has at least several levels of the “Part Destroyer” skill, which facilitates the destruction of monster parts. Try to create and equip the “Destroyer” decoration.

Also, the Malzeno set will give players a Level 2 Partbreaker, but upgrading it to Level 3 should be a priority.

How to create a set of Malzeno armor

Sunbreak players will fight Malseno at the 5th rank of the master by completing the “Witness by Moonlight” quest. After that, players can start farming Malseno’s materials to help create a set of armor. At the bottom, players can see each part of the armor set and the necessary materials:

Malzeno Helmet Strong fang Malzeno x3 Bark Malzeno x2 Bloody parasite x2 Strong horn Malzeno x2 Chain Mail Malzeno Shard Malzeno x3 Bark Malzeno x3 Evil wing Malzeno x1 Tail Malzeno x1 Suspenders Malzeno Shard Malzeno x4 Strong fang Malzeno x2 Bark Malzeno x3 Pure dragon blood Coil Malzeno Shard Malzeno x3 Bark Malzeno x4 Malseno’s Tail x1 Bloody Parasite x2 Greaves Malzeno Cortex Malzeno x2 Evil Wing Malzeno x2 Bloodstone Malzeno x1 Durcorn Malzeno x1

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available for PC and Nintendo Switch.