Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Get Overgrown Hard Bone


Players who jump into Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will face more and more powerful opponents, trying to hunt all the available creatures that can be found in the jungle of Elgado. While it starts off pretty easy, there’s a spike in difficulty quite early in the DLC journey that will force players to return to the Blacksmith and forge new gear that will help them survive some of the most impressive fights.

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Hunters who want to improve the later stages of the bone weapon tree, or those who want to get their hands on the Astalos bracers of the highest rank, will need to collect an unusual item called “Overgrown Hard Bone”. Players who do not know where to look for this unusual loot will find it difficult to put together the necessary materials to improve their weapons or armor. Here’s where to find Overgrown Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to Find Overgrown Hard Bone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Unfortunately, the Overgrown Stiffbone can only be found in one place, in the newly added Jungle zone outside of Elgado. Players who want to get this item will have to go to a new DLC-based zone and go on a jungle-oriented hunt or go on a time-insensitive expedition. The latter is the best choice for those who need to farm several Overgrown Stiffbone, since drop is rare, and there are only a few collection points scattered in the jungle area.

Overgrown hard bone can be collected from any of the bone piles scattered throughout the jungle, two of which are next to each other. Players who are struggling to find the Dice can use the in-game item tracking system or the map below to track them down. Despite the fact that the bone piles will respawn in a short time, with only four collection points, players can stand in the main camp for a while to wait for the collection points to be updated. For those who are fast enough, it may be easier to simply complete the expedition and return back, repeating the process until they have collected enough overgrown hard bone to upgrade their bone tree weapons or create Astalos bracers that will open when the players come face to face. the monster is later in their DLC journey.

It is important to note that the Overgrown Stiffbone can only be found in the jungle zone, and players will not be able to get these items in any of the other zones near Kamura.