Monster Hunter Rise Reaches 6 Million Distributed and Digital Units


Monster Hunter Rise: Capcom’s title has just released update 2.0, which has added free news for all players.Just a few weeks ago, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise had surpassed 5 million units sold worldwide. The Nintendo Switch title, which will be released on PC in early 2022, continues to work in the market. According to the company, they have already distributed and sold a total of 6 million copies digitally. The truth is that the news has not stopped flowing, since the game has just released the free update 2.0, which is now available for download.

What’s new in update 2.0

Among the additions, which are not few, are new monsters. These are Diablos Apex, Rathalos Apex, Teostra, Kushala Daora and Chamaleos, beasts that from now on we can hunt. Of course, the battle will not be easy, so it is better to be prepared with the necessary equipment and weapons to face a challenge of this caliber.

There are also new missions. Some monsters that we used to only find in Frenzy will appear in the standard missions, so we can fight them in one-on-one or multiplayer matches. On the other hand, Magnamalo has come to Frenzy to stay, unless we come up with a good strategy to make him bite the dust once and for all.

Monster Hunter Rise went on sale last March on Nintendo Switch. We are facing a project that will continue to nourish itself with content in the long term, so new monsters will be gradually incorporated. Some of these additions will crystallize in update 3.0, scheduled for the end of May. In the meantime, hunters still have endless missions to complete, not to mention the multiple challenges to consider. There will also be an unprecedented ending to the campaign, so it is a good time to return to the hunt.