Monster Hunter Rise: Location of all the relics in the flooded forest


Any fans of the series know that there is something to discover in the vast world of Monster Hunter Rise. One of the many things players can do is to find all the various Monster Hunter Rise relics scattered across the levels.

In addition to learning the backstory and knowledge about monster hunters, gamers also get fun decorations. They are earned after collecting a certain number of collectibles that can be placed in fan rooms as trophies.

In the Flooded Forest area of the game there are a total of twelve different relics, ten ordinary relics and two bonus messages about the rampage. So, for Monster Hunter Rise fans who need help finding relics for this place, here’s how to get them all.

To avoid confusion, all the locations of the relics are marked with a red number on the map above corresponding to the number below. The white numbers are just a part of the regular Monster Hunter Rise map.

Relic No. 1

One of the first relics can be found in the southwest corner of the map. While in the water, use the hook to climb the wall until the players find a small cave. Go inside, and eventually there should be a miniature doorway on the left, through which players can crouch to pass. The relic will be inside.

Relic No. 2

The next entry can be found on the way to the first relic. It will be placed on one of the first ledges above the water near the main camp.

Relic of the Rampage #3

The third relic can be found in the southern part of the map. A good tip for Monster Hunter Rise is to use the Wirebug Whisperer skill to climb the walls of the pyramid, as it will be hidden among the rocks.

Relic No. 4

The next relic can be found at the very top of the pyramid at the last relic. Once there, blow up the partially damaged wall, it will be in the center of the room.

Relic No. 5

The fifth relic is also inside the pyramid, but only about halfway there. Use a large wire beetle at the bottom and go through the first doorway. In this room, jump through the hole in the ceiling, and the relic will be in the room upstairs.

Relic No. 6

The sixth relic can be found closer to the center of the map. It will be hidden among the roots of trees above the water.

Relic No. 7

The next relic can be found in the underground part of the map. If gamers climb the ledge, they will find the same hole in the wall with a relic inside.

Relic No. 8

The eighth relic can be found above ground on top of a cliff hidden in bushes.

Relic #9

The next relic is in the north. Again, players can climb the ledge and find another hole in the wall.

Relic No. 10

The tenth relic can be found next to enemies on earth. Climb up to the nearest ledge and he will be sitting there.

Exuberant Relic #11

The eleventh relic is located on the ledge opposite the last one. In the area of the waterfall, climb the ridge, which will be in another hidden hole.

Relic No. 12

The last relic is located a little to the north of the previous one, this time it is hidden on a ledge of rock right at the top of the waterfall.

Monster Hunter Rise has already been released for Nintendo Switch and PC.


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